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Self Employed Car Loans


Self Employed Car Loans

Edmonton Truck Credit offers self employed car loans, or small business car loans for people who are self employed entrepreneurs. Edmonton Truck Credit provides self employed car loans at reasonable rates and terms for any small business owner in Saskatchewan, BC or Alberta. Small business owners with good or bad credit are welcome to apply for our self employed car loans.

Many traditional lenders consider self-employed car loans as bad credit car loans. We realize self employed people, or small business entrepreneurs, are the driving force behind our economy. Edmonton Truck Credit brings a positive attitude with our self employed car loans.

The main reason traditional lenders shy away from self employed car loans is the difficulty of determining actual income. Some lenders want annual audited financial statements that are cost prohibitive for a small business owner. You should have no problems if you are prepared for our self employed car loans.

Be Prepared with Self Employed Car Loans

If you are self employed running a small business and looking for a car loan, then the best advice is to be prepared. In order to advance funds for self employed car loans we need to be able to verify your income. Unfortunately, many self-employed people try and dodge this prerequisite and end up getting turned down numerous times or are offered rates that are through the roof. We do not need your life story, just the relevant financial facts so we can approve your car loan.

The previous year’s tax return and/or two or three months of bank statements along with a Client list or contracts are usually sufficient. This information speeds up the process and the more accurate the information the lower your interest rate on self-employed car loans.

Do not be shy when it comes to letting us know more about what you do. For example: If you are a certified journeyman plumber, electrician or licensed contractor, provide us proof. Little details like this can make a major difference in loan rates and the approval speed of car loans.

Cash Back Car Loans

Often the reason a small business owner is looking for self-employed car loans is because they have more business and are expanding. A truck or car loan just covers part of expansion costs and a cash injection can take our customer to the next level. Edmonton Truck Credit offers cash back options on our self employed car loans.

We may be able to advance up to $10,000.00 on top of your self employed car loan. Call an Edmonton Truck Credit business professional toll free for details, or apply for our self employed car loans.
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