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First Time Car Loans

First Time Car Loans

First time car loans for the first time car buyer often present a conundrum. A first time car buyer needs credit to purchase a decent car or truck, but doesnít have a credit history. In order to build a credit rating first time buyers need a loan. It is like the chicken and egg scenario. However, there is hope for first time car buyers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC. Edmonton Truck Credit offers low rate financing and flexible terms on first time car loans.

Edmonton Truck Credit encourages first time buyers to apply for our first time car loan. Establishing credit is an obstacle we can assist first time car buyers to overcome. We also have special financing programs for the first time car buyer.

About First Time Car Loans

The first question first time car buyers should ask themselves is whether a new or used car is a smart decision. If a new used car or truck isnít going to change your standard of living, or improve your income, then it is better to wait. However, most first time buyers need a car to make more money, more efficiently. This is a major point to consider when applying for first time car loans.

Once a first time car buyers is pre-approved then the next step is to pick your car or truck. We have hundreds in stock throughout western Canada. An Edmonton Truck Credit professional will be able to shortlist the type of car or truck you want in the right price range. Our professional will also be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the entire process of our first time car loans.

First Time Car Buyer options

When you take out used car loans you donít want additional car repairs. Edmonton Truck Credit inspects and repairs our used cars prior to sale. We also offer an optional 2 year warranty on first time car loans. Reliable transportation is critical for any first time buyer or any of our customers. We go to great lengths to make sure our used cars and trucks are up to our standards and more importantly our customerís quality needs. Some of our best repeat customers were originally first time car buyers.

What are you waiting for? You will find our first time car loans for first time buyers are easy. Simply fill out an application and indicate you are a first time buyer. You can also give us a toll free call, request a call, or use our simple application for first time car loans.
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