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Extended Warranties


Extended Warranties for Used Vehicles

Extended Warranties are available on used vehicles with Edmonton Truck Credit. Our mechanical breakdown warranties provide financial protection from unexpected major repairs on used vehicles. Buying and financing a new used car is the perfect time to consider extended warranties.

At Edmonton Truck Credit, most used vehicles up to 20 years old are eligible for extended warranties. However, the age and mileage of used vehicles may limit a person’s options on extended warranties. We primarily recommend Coast to Coast Extended Warranties.

Extended warranties can save you a lot of money should an unexpected major repair happen down the road. Instead of worrying about the costs and your finances, all you have to do is make a toll free call. They pay the repair shop direct and the warranties are transferable and can be renewed. Coast to Coast warranties are well known in the automotive repair business.

Primary vehicle areas covered in mechanical breakdown warranties

Below you will find the basic areas covered by extended warranties. These areas affect the rates charged for used vehicle warranties. There are other areas not mentioned. Keep in mind repairs resulting from a collision or abuse are not covered by extended warranties.

This protects you from major engine repair costs. The actual warranty will detail exactly what is covered.

Automatic and standard are covered. Protection in case the transmission goes, which is usually $2,000+.

Drive Axle
Front or rear drive axles can be expensive. The warranty protects you from part or all costs depending on warranty specifics.

Age and mileage may affect a vehicle’s eligibility for this option in extended warranties.

Exact coverage varies from vehicle to vehicle. Age and mileage affect a used vehicle’s eligibility

Eligibility depends on age, make and brand of car.

Air Conditioning
Eligibility depends on age, make and brand of car.

Fuel System
Covers items like fuel pumps.

Front-Rear Suspension
Warranty will not cover repairs from a collision.

Cooling System
Warranty will not cover repairs from a collision.

Cost for Extended Warranties

The cost for extended warranties is based on the age, mileage and type of used vehicle being purchased. As a rule, the newer the used vehicles, the more options available with extended warranties.

Extended warranties or Mechanical Breakdown Warranties are a type of insurance that protects you from unexpected major repairs. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call or use our contact form for questions about Extended Warranties.
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