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Divorce Car Loans


Divorce Car Loans

We offer divorce car loans for people in or out of divorce. Our divorce car loans are available in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Now you can get your used car financing before, during or after your divorce with Edmonton Truck Credit divorce car loans.

Divorce can be hazardous to your credit rating. Legal bills, support and duplicate housing expenses shrink disposable income and can affect the ability to get car loans. Even if you have a sterling credit rating, some financial institutions look at your debt ratio and increased expenses and decline your divorce car loan. In many cases the lender will tell someone going through a divorce to re-apply for a car loan in 6 months or a year when things settle down. We hear this all the time when customers are applying for our divorce car loans.

We understand the importance of Divorce Car Loans

Waiting 6 months or a year to get a divorce car loan because a lender wants to tell you how to run your life doesnít help. The lender isnít the person who has to rely on public transportation or the stress of driving a car you know could break down at any minute. Add in the additional emotional distress of a divorce and a reliable car becomes even more critical. This is where Edmonton Truck Credit comes in with our divorce car loan.

We are not here to tell you how you should live your life. A divorce is stressful enough and an Edmonton Truck Credit divorce car loan will reduce your stress with reliable transportation. We also carry hundreds of used cars and trucks in stock in addition to financing used car loans.

In or Out of Divorce Car Loans

Edmonton Truck Credit has stock spread throughout western Canada. We inspect our used cars, make repairs and offer an optional two year extended warranty with our divorce car loans. It is in both of our interests that your car is reliable and not a distraction to rebuilding your life style. A new used car or truck should stabilize your day to day transportation needs.

Apply for our divorce car loans online and you will get a response within 20 minutes. You can also give us a toll free call if you have any questions and an Edmonton Truck Credit business professional can guide you through the car loan process. Start on your way with our free application for divorce car loans.
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