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What are Certified Used Cars and Trucks?


What does Certified Used Cars and Trucks in Alberta mean?

In Alberta, licensed used car and truck dealers can only sell certified used trucks and cars that have passed a thorough 64 point inspection by an AMVIC licensed mechanic. If the used cars or trucks fail one single inspection point then they cannot be sold as certified used cars. Any deficiencies must be repaired before a used car or truck can be certified. Without certification vehicles cannot be sold by a licensed dealer in Alberta, as certified used cars and trucks.

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council or AMVIC regulates the automotive industry in Alberta. AMVIC licenses automotive businesses in Alberta and enforces consumer protection legislation in Alberta. Before a licensed dealer in Alberta can sell used cars and trucks AMVIC requires used cars and used trucks must pass a Mechanical Fitness Assessment for certified used cars.

Advantages of certified used cars and trucks

Besides safety, one of the biggest advantages of certified used cars is most certified cars and trucks are eligible for extended warranties. Extended warranties are a great way to insulate your finances and eliminate the risk of unexpected big ticket repairs. Insurers offering extended warranties insist on certified used cars.

Used cars and trucks in Alberta are certified by mechanics that have been licensed by AMVIC. When they certify a car they are also backing it up with their personal reputation. It is their best interest to make sure the cars they inspect are safe and mechanically sound before being passed in Alberta as certified used cars.

Edmonton Truck Credit certified used cars and trucks

Edmonton Truck Credit carries an extensive inventory of certified used cars. We specialize in financing the cars and trucks we sell. If we donít have the vehicle you are looking for in stock, we can find it with our free vehicle sourcing. Peruse our inventory or if you are looking for financing use our simple credit application for financing certified used cars.
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