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Bankruptcy Car Loans


Bankruptcy Car Loans with Edmonton Truck Credit

Bankruptcy car loans are available with Edmonton Truck Credit. Whether you are discharged, or still in bankruptcy, our bankruptcy car loans are your best solution for new used car or truck loans. People in BC, Saskatchewan and Alberta are eligible for our bankruptcy car loans.

Bankruptcy car loans require creative lending. Bankruptcy and car loans are considered a high risk combination for most lenders who wonít even consider anyone who is a discharged bankrupt, let alone someone still in bankruptcy. Edmonton Truck Credit specializes in bad credit car loans, including bankruptcy car loans.

Pre-Discharge Bankruptcy Car Loans

Car Loans for people still in bankruptcy requires a trusteeís approval. Reliable transportation is a recognized fundamental need and necessary for the person in bankruptcy to make money. Bankruptcy car loans are a way of providing reliable transportation so someone in bankruptcy can continue to earn money and make the payments to satisfy the terms of their bankruptcy. Most Trustees realize reliable transportation is essential and hence the need for Bankruptcy car loans.

A prime example of pre-discharge bankruptcy and car loans is a self-employed tradesman. If the tradesman canít get to the jobs then all cash flow stops. In this case, a Trustee has the option to ensure their client is able to generate cash flow, which may only be possible with bankruptcy car loans.

An Edmonton Truck Credit business professional can go through the options with you. Use our Call Me Now option or give us a toll free call if you have any questions about bankruptcy and car loans.

Discharged Bankruptcy Car Loans

Once a person is discharged from bankruptcy, car loans become routine. Edmonton Truck Credit car loans help a discharged bankrupt rebuild their credit. Bankruptcy car loans are often the first step in rebuilding credit and we are here to help.

As long as car payments are made as agreed for 10 months Edmonton Truck Credit will rewrite your loan at a lower rate, reducing your payments further. This is standard with Edmonton Truck Credit bankruptcy car loans.

Fast and Easy Bankruptcy Car Loans

Bankruptcy should be a new beginning. If you have any questions before you apply for one of our bankruptcy car loans, simply give us a toll free call or use our simple application for bankruptcy car loans
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