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Bad Credit Car Loans


Bad Credit Car Loans with Edmonton Truck Credit

Bad credit car loans are available at Edmonton Truck Credit. We offer vehicle loans at reasonable rates and guaranteed approval for people with good and bad credit. We offer guaranteed credit approval on all our used truck and used car loans. We specialize in bad credit car loans.

Bad credit car loans are for people who think they have a low credit rating, none at all, or have been turned down in the past. Edmonton Truck Credit also carries an inventory of used cars, SUVs, Vans and trucks. If we do not have the car you are looking for we have a solution. Free vehicle sourcing is also available with our bad credit car loans.

We specialize in Bad Credit Car Loans

Edmonton Truck Credit specializes in bad credit car loans for people who cannot get pre-approved by the traditional financing institutions for car loans. Many major banks, credit unions and car manufacturers tend to avoid bad credit car loans. Most direct lenders view a low credit score as bad credit. Edmonton Truck Credit on the other hand specializes in bad credit car loans.

Bad Credit Car Loans can be funded by a used car dealer in house and later assigned or sold to a finance company. Some dealers are also direct lenders like Edmonton Truck Credit that specialize in bad credit car loans. We understand that just because people have bad credit due to circumstances that happen in life, doesnít mean they have permanent bad credit.

Different types of Bad Credit Car Loans

Car loans for bad credit are influenced by the different types of bad credit. Here are some of the different types below and how they relate to bad credit car loans. Keep in mind that Edmonton Truck Credit offers guaranteed credit approval on bad credit car loans.

First Time Car Loans
First time car buyers without any credit history or no credit are often treated by traditional car loans lenders as bad credit car loans. Sometimes these car loans can be the hardest as no credit or new credit is often viewed as bad credit. Edmonton Truck Credit provides first time car buyers with reasonable rates on our car loans.

Poor Credit Car Loans
Too much debt or poor credit is often why car loans are declined by traditional lenders. They look at lingering debt and low credit scores as bad credit. Edmonton Truck Credit on the other hand realizes everyone deserves second chance car loans for people with bad credit. Bad credit car loans are a great way to repair and rebuild bad credit. We often consolidate lingering bad debts or extend additional cash through our cash back option with our car and truck financing for bad credit..

Subprime Car Loans
Subprime Car Loans for bad credit is another term for bad credit car loans. Subprime means that interest rates are higher than the prime rate, as the risk factor is higher. Most of the car loans Edmonton Truck Credit makes are subprime car loans.

No Credit Car Loans
A lot of people prefer to pay cash and live within their means. However, no credit history is considered by most lenders as being equivalent to bad credit. Edmonton Truck Credit on the other hand looks at bad credit car loans for no credit differently. No credit car loans are a chance for a customer to build their credit and credit building is a feature of our bad credit car loans.

Divorce Bad Credit Car Loans
A divorce can be devastating to a personís credit rating and many lenders equate divorce to bad credit. Edmonton Truck Credit realizes a divorce usually finalizes financial matters and people who have just gone through, or are going through divorce, need transportation and car loans. Bad credit car loans help stabilize a personís situation with reliable transportation and provide an opportunity to repair and rebuild their bad credit.

Self Employed Car Loans
Loans for self employed people with bad credit are considered by many lenders to be bad credit risks. Thatís why they bury a person with an avalanche of paperwork. Meanwhile, these people have businesses to run and need car loans. Bad credit car loans cut a lot of the red tape and put people in the right car or truck immediately so they can make more money. Edmonton Truck Credit welcomes Self Employed people with bad credit.

Bankruptcy Car Loans
Bankruptcy car loans are one of the blackest marks for most lenders and automatically labeled, as bad credit. However, Edmonton Truck Credit understands that bankruptcy is often a new beginning starting with bad credit car loans.

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