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Accident & Sickness Insurance


Accident and Sickness Insurance

Accident and sickness insurance options are available with Edmonton Truck Credit used car loans. This insurance covers your monthly payments should an accident or sickness render you unable to perform all the duties in your occupation. Premium costs are minimal compared to the protection offered by car loan accident and sickness insurance.

Insurance premiums depend on age, gender and health and are optional with car loans. Accident and Sickness Insurance policies clearly define what is, or is not, covered. Pre-existing health conditions for example can affect eligibility. At Edmonton Truck Credit, our people can explain the details and options for accident and sickness insurance.

Insurance options for Car Loans

Insurance options for car loans vary from insurer to insurer. Most used car dealers offer several accident and sickness Insurers to choose from, each with varying terms and conditions. At Edmonton Truck Credit we match our customers with the policy that fits their lifestyle and finances, while providing the protection that comes with accident and sickness insurance.

Whenever purchasing accident and sickness insurance be sure to read and understand exactly what you are buying. Know what the limitations are and what the exclusions are. Most importantly, if you are unsure of any details, ask questions. At Edmonton Truck Credit, we want our customers to know exactly what they are buying, especially when it comes to accident and sickness insurance.

Advantages of Accident and Sickness Insurance

In many cases, car loans are a major expenditure and your payment commitment can span several years. The main advantage of accident and sickness insurance is protection when you need it. The last thing you want to worry about is keeping up car loan payments when dealing with health issues or recovering from an accident. Protection from the unexpected is the main benefit of accident and sickness insurance.

Accident and Sickness insurance options may sound confusing. However, insurance options can save you a lot of money and stress should the unexpected happen. Our business professionals will be able to fill you in on the cost and options for accident and sickness insurance.

Should you have any questions give us a call or use a simple form for questions about Accident and Sickness Insurance.
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